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A Demonic Plague Tease #2

The accident happened just moments ago.


Cried the voice of Margret Chamberlin. Marcus had no idea the chain of event that happened before the car hit him. How the secret service had witnessed the accident, detained the driver and was present when Margret had been shot by someone.

As this happened, Marcus had learned how to cope with pain. One of the numerous supernatural abilities he had was the power to create dreams and retreat into that world. Since he met his older self a few months ago, he had been practicing with that ability.

He found himself back at his mom’s house. The brick house where he spent the first few years of his life.  He was playing on his swing set. Trying to make sense of the way the people in the church reacted.

“Older self, are you in here?”  he called out.

As if on cue, the older version of himself appeared. This time he looked bloodied, bruised as if he had been in a serious battle for his life.

“What happened to you?”

“I got injured in a fight.” He said as he joined him at the swing set. “You started learning how to use your powers,” the older Marcus smiled, “that makes me feel good. I couldn’t figure out how to do this until I was seventy-five.”

The little boy nodded, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing but the second of his supernatural gifts activated. He could scan his older self-mind. The older version of Marcus smiled, he blocked and countered the scan.

“I can’t let you see what’s in store for you just yet,” he sad as he patted him on his shoulders.

“Why not?” asked the younger Marcus.

“You got to have a child hood. There’s a man getting ready to come into our lives. His name is Agent Duncan and you can trust him. He will take good care of us. Trust him. He’s going to save our life one day.”

“But Mrs. Chamberlin,”

“Can’t help us.” Older Marcus said. “I’m sorry for the pain you are going through but you are going to get strong.”

“I am?” he innocently said.

“You are,” older Marcus reflected, “I can’t say how but you will. Now, I got to go, I got some sad shit to deal with. Enjoy this time in your life, please.”

A Demonic Plague: A sneak peak #1

Episode One

Before he became the Boy with a destiny — the One Who Walked In, the First and Last best chance for hope, who lived two thousand years — he was just a boy in North Carolina, name Marcus.

Marcus Henry Archer.

The day Marcus was born, his mother Tiffany, was eighteen years old. Tiffany named her baby Marcus for her own father, who had busted his butt trying to take care of her by working three jobs, and gave him the middle name Henry because it was her favorite character from the ABC series Once Upon a Time.  Tiffany had never been into reading but she had been an avid fan of watching television.  She might have given him the first name of Charming but that did not make sense as a first name. She wanted her son to be a wise, thoughtful and powerful person when he grows up and have a better life than she had or her father had.

Marcus father was a man who came into Kentucky Fried Chicken one day where Tiffany worked as a food-line supervisor. She had been working there part-time at the age of sixteen where she wanted to earn some extra money to buy some technological gadgets she had been eyeing, the man was in uniform, he was a police officer and Tiffany always had a thing for men in uniform. Kentucky Fried Chicken was one of the most popular places to eat in their small town and was always busy, especially on Sunday afternoons when the church crowd would come in and order buckets of chicken. Let’s face it, some people don’t want to cook on Sunday’s. The man, whose name was, Shawn Archer, was a Sergeant with the Blue River Police Department, and he was a sweet talker who told Tiffany as she fixed his order, six chicken tenders with a side order of macaroni and cheese and potato wedges with three biscuits, and then later when she was on her break he would tell her how pretty she was and how he liked her curly long hair and black eyes and slender wrist, said it all in such a way that it sounded like he meant it, and not the way the boys who flirted at her in school would say it, as if the words would open up a door to her soul in ways it had not been opened before. He was driving his city issued patrol car as he was on duty at the time but off duty, he owned a Mercury Mountaineer that was his pride and joy, with a digital dashboard that reminded people of the starship Enterprise and had leather seats creamy as butter.  She could love that man but he was ten years older than she was. Could she date a man old enough to be her big brother?  They decided to date and four months later, they announced to the city that they were getting married. She was marrying one of Blue Hill’s finest. She was convinced that she was in a fairy tale, that no one would be interested in a cook who works at a fast food place, but it was happening, she was getting married and her boss made sure she would have enough time off to enjoy her honeymoon. She had earned it after all.

The day of her wedding, she felt strange, sick to her stomach. She thought maybe it was the bad batch of eggs she had eaten for breakfast. As she said I do at the end, she fainted which caused quite the conversation in the church. The ambulance was called and she was rushed to the hospital given a police escort and when she arrived at the emergency room, she would be given the most wonderful news, she was pregnant.

After she received word that she was going to have a child, the town celebrated. She went away for two weeks on her honey moon with her husband.  When she came back, he insisted that she work part-time because he wanted their baby to be healthy. She decreased her hours to part-time while depending on her husband to make sure the bills were paid.  The pregnancy was easy, right up until the end, the delivery on the other hand, that was bad and fast, her little Marcus eventually came into the world.  By that time, Marcus father had been promoted to Major and had been reduced to staying at the station most of the day which was fine by Tiffany, she did not have to worry about someone putting a bullet in her husband. By the time Marcus had been born, their brand-new ranch style house had been completed and they were only living in it a couple of days before Marcus came into the world.  Marcus bedroom was right next to his parent’s room.  His father had brought a security system and installed it himself. Cameras attached to the front door, the back door where the patio was located, and the two of them downloaded an app to their phones that would always show them when unexpected visitors arrived at their house.  Tiffany had been prepared, going to Roses to buy things like sleeping clothes, regular clothes, little baby toys to keep her little man entertained for hours. She had read a book and talked to many of her relatives on what she would need for her son. She wanted her baby to be smart so she would buy little computers to hang over his crib, a starship to spark his imagination.  From the start Tiffany always thought of her baby as “the one,” because in her heart, she knows there is something special about her child. When she had the ultrasound done at the hospital, they told her that she was going to have a boy and that made her happy. In her family, mostly girls had been born and rarely had any boys been born. Looking at the pictures of the baby, the nurse laughed and said, Honey, this baby is destined for something amazing. Sometimes you can look at them and tell, others you can’t, and this is one of those times.

Tiffany did not know what the nurse meant, maybe it was one of those things that nurses say to expecting mothers, she decided she was okay with that. They had spent weeks getting the baby’s room ready. They did not move in until the furniture had been set up, posters of what boys were into were placed in his room and the room itself had been painted blue which was supposed to be a calming color.  His father had made a comment about putting some wall paper up or maybe a feature wall in case the boy decides he wants to experiment with paint, but Tiffany requested a comfortable chair in the room so she could sit and watch her son and spend some time with him.

The baby came in December, the boy she’d wanted and named Michael Henry Archer; she did change her name when she married her husband Shawn. Shawn was her world, he was always so good to her. She was proud of the man’s name Archer. Tiffany was a fan of science fiction and had been a fan of Star Trek: Enterprise. She took delight in knowing her name was now the same of the man who helped to found the United Federation of Planets.  She looked at Marcus, her beautiful bi-racial baby who looked more like she did than her father, but Marcus had golden hair, a trait that you would not find in many black babies, the golden hair must have come from his father’s genes.

As a new mother, Tiffany always enjoyed spending time with her son. This time when race relations were growing worse. Tiffany enjoyed feeding and rocking her baby, and when Marcus would cry in the middle of the night, she would get up and change him.  Tiffany would always get up out of her bed, careful to wake her husband up. For three years, she was happy, her marriage was perfect and then in an instant. Her marriage was gone, racism had shown its ugly head when the Sons of Carolina, a racist organization determined to wipe out anyone of color did the unthinkable, they targeted Shawn, her husband and put out a hit on him. Shawn, was not a black man, he was white, but he had black officers in the department who worked for him who had expressed frustration in dealing with certain members of the white community who had been growing bolder in their racism. One night, a routine call turned into something serious. Tiffany remembered that night because she had just kissed her husband good-bye. They were shorthanded at work. He decided to go out and answer calls. As a supervisor, he was under no obligation to do so but that was the type of man Shawn Archer was. He liked helping his men and his men respected him for that. She had the scanner own listening to the calls. The Drakes were causing drama again and Shawn had to calm them down. A group of teenagers were causing trouble all over town, nothing too out of the ordinary but then as Shawn was getting ready to head back to the station, a car sped down the street at ninety miles an hour, nearly clipping him. He gave chase.

Just a small tease of my next novel. Thoughts…..

Mobile Home?

When I make my first one hundred thousand dollars, I think I will just use that money to buy myself an inexpensive lot close to town and two, by a mobile home strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.  I’ve made a few sales so far but I would love it if I woke up one morning and see my balance say 100,000 after taxes.

My plan would go something like this, buy myself a lot. I already have one picked out, buy the home, get it bricked in. Buy some furniture, appliances and whatever is left, I will use to put into my business. Buying some ISBN numbers and launching my publishing business. I want to publish 12 books a year from science fiction to dramas, to legal dramas.  If I can’t be a screenwriter than I will be a published author. I want my friends and my online community to be proud of me for sacrificing and putting in so much hard work.

But the first major purchase I will make with my money is a new home. I deserve my own place to live where I can have my own space, not have to take care of anyone, can answer to no one but myself. It’s going to happen, I have to believe.

The Demonic Plague and it’s themes on race

I’m already hard at work on my next science fiction novel called The Demonic Plague and it’s going to be a challenge for me to write.  The demonic plague tells the story of Marcus Henry Archer, the physical embodiment of Karma.  Marcus has been born into a world where there is an all out race war between the races.

He discovers that through science, a new race has been created called Demons and the demons want power over normal people and what the normal people don’t realize is that the demons have been quietly growing their numbers so that they could eventually unleash the apocalypse.  In this world, if you are white or have any white blood in you, the plague will not only affect you but if you have a gene for violence, you will transform into a demon faster than anyone who doesn’t.  In fact, what I love about this story is that in order for you to go undetected by the demons, you need a person of color with you.

Marcus as he starts his journey will wind up at a secret lab where he is experimented on, made immortal thanks to a powerful drug that can turn people into demons, but as he escapes and goes on his journey, he discovers that not only is he the physical form of Karma, but he is also part demon thanks to blood transfusions given to him over the years. A full global war is on the horizon and Marcus must find a way to unite both races together or face the end of the world.

My novel will have elements of horror, science-fiction, fantasy, and some comedy in it.

The Money Flood Gates

I have spent the last eight years chasing my dream of becoming a well-known author.  I have three goals I want to accomplish. One to raise enough funds so that I can buy myself my own house.

Right now, my grandmother and I want it known that despite the stress and the pressure she puts on me, I do love her she has Alzheimer’s.  It’s growing gradually worse.  Every day, I get cursed out. For no reason.  She will go off on me for no reason. The worst part of it is when she starts accusing me of going into her bank account and robbing her of money.  No matter how many times, I try to explain it to her, she just won’t accept it.  Then she takes sick delight in yelling and screaming at me like that is going to shock me into doing what she wants.  My heart just can’t take it. I am not getting the help I need.  I go to bed crying every night.

The second thing I want to do is launch Black Cobra Publishing. I have sent numerous queries to agents and publishers who all said the same thing. They thought my novels were not right for them.  I’m going to prove they made a fatal mistake. I know Alien Lands, the first true science fiction novel I wrote is going to become a hit, it’s a matter of promotion and a matter of time and I’m going to have to get off my behind and promote it.  This week I am a guest on the Tim Corrimal show and I gave my book a mention.  The money I raise from it will go towards the creation of Black Cobra Publishing.  Once I get that and purchase some ISBN numbers, all my books including 17 Confessions and The Demonic Plague  will be published under my company name.  The hard part will be building my platform and attracting enough fans to help make my dream come true.

The third thing I want to do is also publish some comics and grow my comic book division so that one day Black Cobra Publishing will be as big as DC and Marvel.  Dream big and your ideas will come true


Limited resources

I want people who come to my blog to understand one thing. I am on a fixed income. I can’t spend money on services right now.  I totally get that it costs money to buy ad campaigns, but until my novel sells and makes me enough money that I can reinvest it back into my business, I’m stuck.

I’m looking for any resources where I can grow my followers and eventually publish Alien Lands under my own publishing Company.  I’ve already done the math, it’s going to take me 125 dollars for me to register it here in North Carolina, plus I’d like to start buying a few ISBN numbers because not only I want to publish Alien Lands under Black Cobra Publishing, but 17 Confessions my next novel will also be published there as well.  My goal is to write and work on two novels a week.


My goal is to keep myself busy. I’m trying to limit contact with my grandmother because while I love her, her dementia is getting worst. She can’t remember basic information, asking the same questions over and over again.  The only way I can get peace and keep my stress levels down is by keeping myself busy.  It sounds cruel, but every day I get cursed at for no reason so I have a new rule.

New rule: the only drama I want in my life are the ones I write for my characters. That’s my motto from now on.


Even if I can’t get my company going right now, maybe next year Jan or Feb, I will have some money freed up so I can launch the company. Until then, if a kind soul wants to help me out please do so.  My goal is to get into my own place closer to town where I can focus on taking care of myself.

Black Cobra Publishing

The other night, I had a vision from God. I had been battling depression, again and I was trying to figure out how to cope with it. It was then that I realized that not only is it my destiny to publish my novels under my own Publishing Company (fingers cross for it to go up by the end of the year) but maybe, just maybe with some contacts and help, I can start publishing other contacts too.

There is something rewarding about knowing that there are other people out there who can benefit from getting published and right now, I can’t offer anything but if we both work together and if I team up with someone who is really good at promoting work, it’s a win, win for both of us.

I want to grow Black Cobra Publishing to the point where it will be as big as Barnes and Nobel and maybe one day also add a comic book line because I love comic books. I would love to publish comics as well.  To some it may be a silly dream, but to me, I just want to better my life.

It would allow me to get out of this part of North Carolina where I live. It would allow me to go to the city where I could get the resources I need and three, well, I want to go out and have fun after all this hard work.

My dream is to not only see my work in print, but one day, through the right connections, I’m confident that someone with Hollywood connections will reach out to me, make a deal and make my dream come true.